Coupon Policy

Mid-Towne IGA accepts most pre-printed manufacturers’ coupons that can be
found in various newspapers and magazines. However, we do reserve the right to
REFUSE any coupon. We reserve this right because there are so many fraudulent
coupons being circulated. Most fraudulent coupons tend to come from the
internet, but they can come from anywhere. Our general rule of thumb is…if
the coupon is too good to be true, there is a high possibility that the coupon is
fraudulent (i.e. buy one, get two FREE.)

Internet coupons may be redeemed, but we do not accept any internet coupon
valued at over $1.50. Again, we reserve the right to refuse any coupon.

We do NOT double (or triple, etc.) any coupons.

Coupons may not be used together on the same product, even if one coupon is a
store coupon, and the other is a manufacturers’ coupon (that rule is spelled out
on most coupons.)

While all of these rules may sound somewhat restrictive, we have experienced
very few “coupon problems” since opening our store in 1984. We have found
that we are able to redeem the vast majority of the coupons that are presented
to us on a daily basis. We would also urge you to call us at the store, at

636-946-3898 if you have any additional questions regarding our coupon policy!!